Hair and Eyebrow Transplant Methods

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The magic of the eyebrow transplantation

Some people just do not like their eyebrow and want to have a change. One solution that exist is to have an eyebrow transplant. This little procedure allows you to have a greater eyebrow hairiness by taking some of your hair and putting them where you eyebrow were before. People want to have one because […]

What Is The Best Treatment For Hair Loss?

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and you’ve noticed that your hair isn’t as thick or luscious as it used to be, don’t worry. You are not alone, as almost every adult has to deal with hair loss later in life. Bald spots, transparent patches, and thinning can be frustrating, especially for women. Our […]

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When most people talk about hair loss and wanting to get back the hair that they used to have, we tend to mostly just thing about the head and going bald on top of our head, rather than anywhere else. However, people can also suffer hair loss on pretty much any part of the body […]